Saffron Infused Cauliflower Salad


Living in the UK, I have fast learned that if you need to make small talk, discuss the weather because it really is a great topic of conversation.  Last week we had snow that fell from a blue sky, and today it has been the hottest day this year.  I’m not complaining, as we are all really desperate for some time in the sun, I’m loving being able to swing open the windows and enjoying the walks in the forest with all the new buds.  

The other great part about summer is eating, becomes it is just so quick and easy.  Salads, salads and more salads make dinner time a breeze, but they do need to be mixed up and different combinations tried, or my family will go on a hunger strike if the same one is served day in and day out.

This cauliflower salad is a great WOW! salad and packs a massive punch in the flavour department.  Served with a piece of seared salmon or a big fat steak that has been cooked on the BBQ or braai makes it the perfect meal to end a busy day.

I can’t lie, the cauliflower rice that I have used was bought from M&S pre-chopped (because we are all busy and often need to cut corners), and it came with chopped parsley so don’t panic when you see the pictures, you have not missed a step.  If you can’t manage to buy any prepared caulirice, then pulse some florets in a food processor, or use a grater.  

If you are not a cauliflower fan, this recipe works beautifully with quinoa.


Start by blanching asparagus and broccoli in boiling water for a minute or two, just long enough to bring out the vibrant green, but still remaining crisp and crunchy.  Drain and leave to cool.


Soak a few strands of saffron in a tablespoon of boiling water


Add the saffron and water to the cauliflower rice (my bought pre-chopped rice included parsley).  Cover and micro for 3 minutes.


Remove and give it a good stir then leave it to cool.


Once cooled, add the herbs, asparagus, broccoli and spring onions…..


pomegranate rubies….


Olive oil….


Squeeze 2 fresh limes, then Harissa spice to taste because it is a personal flavour.  I prefer it slightly stronger than the recipe, but do taste and spice to your own preference.  Cover and pop it back into the fridge until needed.  This salad actually tastes better the following day, so it can be prepared well in advance.


Add a handful of pea shoots or young lettuce leaves and few edible flowers for some fun.


Saffron Infused Cauliflower Salad
Serves 4
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Prep Time
15 min
Prep Time
15 min
  1. 500g prepared cauliflower rice or 1 med-large chopped cauliflower
  2. 1 cup broccoli florets
  3. 1 cup asparagus heads
  4. 1/2 cup chopped mint
  5. 1/2 cup chopped coriander
  6. 1/2 cup pomegranate rubies - or more if you prefer
  7. 1/4 cup spring onions
  8. 1 1/2 tsp Harissa spice - add more if you prefer
  9. 1/4 cup olive oil
  10. 2 fresh limes
  11. a pinch of saffron strands
  12. 1 Tbsp boiling water
  1. Soak the saffron in 1 Tbsp of boiling water.
  2. Blanch the asparagus and broccoli in boiling water - see pictures.
  3. Drain the greens and leave to cool.
  4. Pour the saffron water over the cauliflower, separate the strands if needed, then cover and microwave on high for 3 min.
  5. Gently stir then leave the cauliflower to cool for as long as possible.
  6. Add the chopped coriander, mint, spring onions, pomegranate, olive oil, Harissa spice and squeeze the limes over.
  7. Gently stir, cover and leave to stand in the fridge until ready to serve
  1. Serve with a cup or two of pea shoots or young lettuce leaves.
  2. Sub the cauliflower with quinoa makes a great alternative.
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