Raspberry and Rose Milkshakes

Raspberry and Rose Milkshakes

I don’t get why healthy food has this bad rep for being boring?  Nothing excites me more than seeing the beautiful colours of berries, spinach or butternut at a market lines up in their different boxes and of course those colours transfer into beautiful food that ends up on our plates.

I created these milkshakes by blending together healthy ingredients, but instead of delivering them in the standard nutribullet container I simply popped them into there gorgeous little glass jars, topped with whipped coconut cream and a sprinkle of dried rose petals, so not only is it a healthy treat but also one that is totally drool worthy.

We have to get more inventive with creating treats for our family and especially children.  How are we ever going to win the fight against sugar and the sugar giants if we don’t fight back, and use fire with fire?!  By making beautiful and delicious food we can encourage our children want to have a taste and feel like they are having something fun.

My blogger friend Georgina from Greens Of The Stoneage came up with the brilliant recipe for a health version of a Starbucks Unicorn Frappuchino which is totally inspired because not only is it loaded with nutritional goodness, but it looks exactly like the real thing!!

So, dollop on some whipped cream, sprinkle with rose petals or drizzle melted dark chocolate all over,  but just go crazy and make a smoothie or milkshake that is memorable!


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Raspberry and Rose Milkshakes
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Serving Size: 1

Raspberry and Rose Milkshakes

Raspberry & Rose Shakes



  1. Using a nutribullet or high speed blender, blend together the raspberries, coconut milk and rose extract.
  2. Pour into a glass and top with whipped cream and rose petals.
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13 thoughts on “Raspberry and Rose Milkshakes

  1. There is nothing boring about these beauties! I totally agree with you, healthy is so often related being boring and tasteless without any reason. Happy to join a movement against that mentality! 🙂

    1. Excellent Veera, glad you are on board, I so wish we could get schools and hospitals to change their ways!

  2. Great recipe (as always) and spot on with the advice. Healthy food can be very colourful and exciting, we just have to up the presentation sometimes!

  3. Yeeeah, these are perfect. Like, beyond perfect. I cannot wait to have these around at the next girls night!

  4. Love this! The fact I can have a dairy free milkshake that looks so refreshing and tastes amazing is wonderful to see. Great photos too!!!

  5. Wow looks amazing and with so few ingredients, I thought this would be really complicated. Great recipe Donna!

  6. I seriously love these, and I love the photographs, Donna. Makes me feel all nostalgic! I’m really intrigued by the flavour of raspberry and rose. Beautiful!

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