Nutritious Paleo Gravy

I remember years ago, when my father-in-law was still alive, we used to compete over who was going to get the last drops of the gravy.  Both us were gravy nuts and used to dish it up until our food was swimming.  These days I have learned to enjoy my food without smothering it, but there are still times when a gravy boat being passed around the table is needed, like maybe Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or just a good old Sunday lunch with family and friends.

This gravy is made with cauliflower, yes…this incredibly nutritious and multi functional veg once again comes to the rescue.  It is cooked down until really soft, blended with stock and then cooked with the juices from the roast, to create a creamy, smooth and really tasty gravy, that is a veg serving too….and best of all your picky eaters will NEVER know!


Cauliflower 1

Cook a small cauliflower until very soft and mushy – 15 min in the microwave

Chicken Stock

Add either 2 cups of bone broth OR 2 gluten free stock cubes with 2 cups of room temp water, and blend in a high speed blender until really smooth

Cauliflower Gravy

Pour into a roasting pan with juices from the roast, stir and leave to warm through, pour into a gravy boat and serve with your roast.  

Nutritious Paleo Gravy
A highly nutritious and delicious gluten-free gravy
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  1. 1 small cauliflower
  2. 2 cubes gluten-free stock cubes
  3. 2 cups of luke warm water
  4. OR
  5. 2 cups of bone broth
  6. Roasting pan juices
  1. Cut the cauliflower into tiny pieces, trimming as much of the stem off as possible
  2. Rinse in a microwavable bowl, leaving a little water behind and cover
  3. Microwave for 15 min on high
  4. Transfer into a high speed blender, add the stock and water OR bone broth
  5. Blitz for 1 minute, until smooth and runny
  6. When the roast is ready to serve, pour into the roasting pan with the remaining juices from the roast and heat through
  1. This can be prepared in advanced and warmed through properly when ready to serve, saving the last minute rush before serving.
  2. Roast an onion with your meat, when it is beautifully cooked and caramelised add it to the cauliflower before blending.
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