Nut-Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Nut-Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Many schools in our area have turned fully nut free, and understandably because there are so many children that are highly allergic to nuts.  The previous school that my daughters attended was one, and to be honest I totally get why they have to make the whole area a nut free zone but it does make lunchbox treats or even staples like bread rather difficult for a paleo family. 

I came up with this recipe ages ago and have used it regularly ever since, what is great is that it requires fairly simple ingredients that can be found in most paleo family pantries or easily purchased in the supermarkets. I’m so excited to see that coconut flour and coconut sugar is now on the shelves of my local Waitrose and Sainburys – yay we may actually be going mainstream!!

This recipe is really versatile and can be used as cupcakes, mini bundt cakes, waffles or even doubled could be used for a sandwich cake.  No fancy gadgets required, a simple hand whisk to beat the eggs and a sieve for the flour means way less cleaning and washing up (I could cry when I use my food processor as the little pieces end up everywhere!).  I am all about convenience and I know that busy mothers battle to even make a simple homemade goodie let alone a complicated recipe.

This recipe makes 6 cupcakes, which don’t last long at all in a family of four, so I usually double it.  I have decided to keep it this way instead of just changing the recipe because if you want to whip up a quick batch for a school function or even make a waffle or two then the batter quantity is perfect.

I don’t usually add a topping because if I include chocolate chips then the cupcakes are sweet enough, but a topping of whipped coconut cream with a dash of vanilla powder adds a delicious creamy icing that breaks the richness of the dark chocolate without ramping the sweetness.  Regarding the chocolate chips, these also are not necessary especially if watching sugar intake.

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Nut-Free Chocolate Cupcakes
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Yield: 6

Calories per serving: 200.1 kcal

Fat per serving: 13.97 g

Saturated fat per serving: 10.47 g

Carbs per serving: 16.31 g

Protein per serving: 3.79 g

Fiber per serving: 2.17 g

Sugar per serving: 13.14 g

Sodium per serving: 146.46 mg

Trans fat per serving: 0.01 g

Cholesterol per serving: 79.98 mg

Nut-Free Chocolate Cupcakes



  1. Preheat the oven to 180ºC
  2. In a large bowl combine all the wet ingredients and whisk well.
  3. Add the dry ingredients and mix well, then add the chocolate chips.
  4. Distribute the batter evenly between 6 cupcake cases, two sandwich tins or mini bundt tins.
  5. Bake for 20-25 minutes
  6. Remove and leave to cool


Nutrition label for Nut-Free Chocolate Cupcakes
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