Dark Chocolate Marzipan Balls

Dark Chocolate Marzipan Balls

Marzipan is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it.  As a child I used to peel the icing off the Christmas cake and eat the marzipan instead.  Well my sugar addiction probably had a lot to do with it because regular marzipan is loaded with sugar and I’m also such a sucker for anything almond. 

These balls are so far from the original in recipe design, yet taste the same as the sugar loaded marzipan that we all either love or hate.  How do I know this…by giving my daughter a taste.  She is a marzipan hater and Boy Oh Boy was the reaction the same as always.  As a recipe designer that was a 10/10 and a huge success…as a mother tricking my daughter into a ‘here taste this quickly” was a more of a hmmmmm…2/10 maybe? 

So the ingredients of my marzipan is really easy and simple, almond flour, sweetener, melted cacao butter, water and almond extract all mixed together.  In the past I had never really given much thought as to how marzipan is made but now knowing how easy it I will definitely be adding more to my Christmas delights this year – sorry Kyra!

Let’s talk about cacao butter.  I know many of you are wondering why I have used it and why I could not have just kept the recipe really simple with basic supermarket ingredients.  Well to start with, it is a great binder and adds a gorgeous chocolate texture to the balls, I call it “teeth markers”,  when you bite in and leave your teeth indentation.  The other reason is that it is so bloody good for you…great for healthy skin, immune function, boosting metabolism and loaded with healthy saturated fats which are great if you are looking for a fat bomb hit during a keto diet.

They take so little time to make up, and perfect for an after dinner treat or a quick sneaky snack or a gorgeous homemade Christmas present for a marzipan loving friend.

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Dark Chocolate Marzipan Balls
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Yield: 12

Dark Chocolate Marzipan Balls



  1. In a blender combine the almond flour, cacao butter, water, sweetener and extract and mix to paste consistency.
  2. Roll into balls and place in the fridge to firm for an hour (or use the freezer if in a hurry).
  3. Melt the chocolate and coconut oil either in a bain marie or in the microwave and once melted transfer the chocolate to a narrow ramekin.
  4. Remove the balls from the fridge and using a toothpick to pierce the ball, dunk the entire ball into the chocolate then hover it over to allow it to run off.
  5. Place the ball on sheet of grease proof paper and continue to the others (you can also place an orange on top of a ramekin, then pop the toothpick with the chocolate ball into the orange to allow the balls to set with pooling chocolate)
  6. Allow to cool and set
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