Crunchy Sprouts with Redcurrant Berries

Crunchy Sprouts with Redcurrant Berries


When I was little we used to alternate Sunday roast lunch between our house and my Grandma’s home.  Sunday lunch was always a treat with a delicious roast, potatoes, veggies all topped off with our favourite part, pudding.  When we hosted I had a little say in what was served as vegetables, well as much as the youngest in the family was allowed to say, but it was enough to have sprouts removed off the lunch menu every second week.  Sadly at Grandma’s it was not the same and I ended up having to block my nose and swallow soggy slimy sprouts bi-monthly.  Enough to put any kids off a vegetable for life!

It is only recently that I have managed to suppress these childhood memories and bring myself to make them, this time with a modern tasty and healthy twist.

Teamed up with fellow South Africans from Ossa Organics and using their incredible grass-fed beef tallow (goose fat also works beautifully) we came up this amazing recipe, and the great news is that I have actually even managed to get my girls and husband to enjoy them.  Trust me, that is huge!!


Chop the sprouts either into quarters if big, or half if small.


Heat up 1/4 cup of beef tallow (or goose fat) until runny (use a microwave)


Heat a frying pan and add the tallow and allow it to get really hot


Place the sprouts in the pan and sprinkle with salt.  Do not stir the sprouts, just leave them to cook for a few minutes allowing the flavour to develop and caramelise.  After a couple of minutes either gently stir them or shake the pan to move them around.  Be very careful not to dislodge the delicate outer leaves.


Blend a packet of gluten-free pork scratching into crumbs


Once the sprouts are beautifully caramelised top with the pork crumbs and dish into your serving dish.


Finally sprinkle a handful or redcurrants over and prepare to serve.


Crunchy Sprouts with Redcurrant Berries
Serves 4
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Prep Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
  1. 500g brussel sprouts (chopped into quarters)
  2. 1/4 cup Ossa beef tallow or goose fat
  3. Pinch of rock salt
  4. 75g gluten free pork scratching (my recommendation is The Real Pork Crackling Co. which I buy from Sainsbury's)
  5. Handful of redcurrant berries (also from Sainsbury's)
  1. Blitz the pork scratching into a fine crumb in either a blender or processor
  2. Heat the tallow in a large non-stick pan on a medium to high heat.
  3. Once it is really hot add the chopped sprouts.
  4. Leave for a few minutes in the pan without stirring or moving it.
  5. After about 2 minutes give the pan a shake or gently stir (be careful not the break up the delicate outer leaf of the sprouts)
  6. Leave to cook for 2 minutes, taste a sprout to see if it is cooked to preference (it should be soft but still crunchy).
  7. Transfer to a serving bowl.
  8. Before serving top with the pork crumb and redcurrant berries.
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