Blueberry Chia Cups

Blueberry Chia Cups

I can’t say my family are big on chia puddings, purely because they are all so tactile sensitive and the bumpy texture of chia is a bridge to far for them – it literally is gag central for them!  I personally love chia but forget to make it up because it would just be for me and I usually never to think that far.

Out for the blue I received a package in the post from The Chia Co. with a pot of yummy chia pudding and box of individually wrapped shots of chia seeds.  The cutest dinky little shots and if you ask me pure genius, because if you are like me and the only lonesome soul using them, then a whole massive bag of seeds is an absolute waste.  So, on Friday night much to the horror of my family, I made up a bowl of blueberry chia using the white seeds and some blueberry powder from Arctic Power Berries, which not only gave it the stunning colour but also adds a whole whack of nutritional value.  Click here for more berry powder info.

On Saturday morning, I assembled the cups and photographed them, then sat down to taste and enjoy my wares.  As usual I prompted everyone to have a taste and guess what??  They LOVED them!  So much so, that last night Kyra actually asked if there was any more.  Well I Never!!! 

So, if you are on the fence about chia and not sure if you like the texture or the taste, give this recipe a go, but just a few suggestions.  Rather than having a big bowl of chia and touch of yogurt, make it the other way around if your are initially getting used to the texture.  Also, allow your frozen berries to defrost slightly, you want them to be icy but still pop when you bite into them.  They should not feel like frozen peas in your pudding, but rather a sweet little juicy surprise in each mouthful. 

I hope you enjoy them and if you feel creative, please photograph them and tag me on instagram or use #myeighty20 to show off your woks of art, as I love seeing everyone having fun with food.




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Blueberry Chia Cups
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Blueberry Chia Cups

Take the berries out of the freezer for about 10min before serving.



  1. Before going to bed, mix together the chia, cashew milk, berry powder, vanilla and maple syrup to taste. Seal in a container and leave in the fridge overnight.
  2. Assemble with a layer of chia mixture, yoghurt and frozen berries
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6 thoughts on “Blueberry Chia Cups

    1. Thanks Nicola, the secret is to have loads of yoghurt and frozen berries – and a good quality seed.

  1. I love the look of these, Donna! Chia seeds seem to upset my stomach though, and I get indigestion after eating them but the girls don’t. We have a few family birthdays coming up, planning on making these as a treat for them – beautiful post!

    1. Thanks Jo, yeah chia is a grey area for many of us. What I have learned since doing this post is the quality of the seed counts hugely (I would never have guessed). Using this brand of chia has created a liking for them in my home which is great as it does add a new dimension to breakfasts and entertaining.

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