Banana Bread

  Tempting as it is, don’t throw away over-ripe bananas that look really dodgy, they make the ideal ingredient for banana bread!  Truly, the darker and squishy, the better, perfect for a dense yet really moist cake (yes I know everyone hates that word, but I can’t think of a more appropriate word to describe…


The previous night chaos hit our little sleepy country town, snow!!  Not only snow but rain and freezing temperatures, creating ice rink conditions by morning.  What happened was this beautiful angelic like snow fell for a couple of hours covering everything in a stunning white fluffy blanket, followed by slow and steady rain throughout the…

Mocha-Chia Pudding

I could think of no perfect way to start a morning than with a pre-made cup of coffee and breakfast all in one!  Simply mix it up and pop it into the fridge before going to bed and wake up to a ready made breakfast.