Lunchtime Taco’s

I previously posted the recipe for Perfect Grain-Free Wraps which I usually make almost every weekend for a quick easy meal.  Here is a picture of another way to enjoy the wraps, which make a delicious, fresh and healthy option for a quick lunch or dinner. Follow the above link to find the recipe….  

Oven Roasted Tomatoes and Asparagus

This dish is yet again another fabulous crossover dish, which can either be served hot or cold.  There really is something special about roasting tomatoes in balsamic vinegar and ending up with a delicious gooey mixture once it has cooked down.  I like to save the vinegar and then pour it over a green salad…

Dressed Steak

This recipe is totally back to front, because it is normally believed that steak should be marinaded before it is cooked to achieve a tender and juicy cut.  As unusual, I challenge that belief, as I like to cook my meat without any flavouring except seasoning, then leave it to rest in a marinade, resulting…