Crunchy Fish Goujons

  It amazes me how we able to substitute or find alternatives for forbidden food when on an elimination diet or lifestyle.  For me, I often find that the alternative is way better than the original, these crispy crunchy fish goujons are a case in point.  Instead of using the usual boring bread crumbs which…

Waffle Pizza

Having just returned from a fantastic family trip to Amsterdam, the need to get into the kitchen and make my own food was dire.  There are only so many restaurant meals I can handle before I start to twitch, as much as I love eating out, I just start to crave greens and veggies really…

Lunchtime Taco’s

I previously posted the recipe for Perfect Grain-Free Wraps which I usually make almost every weekend for a quick easy meal.  Here is a picture of another way to enjoy the wraps, which make a delicious, fresh and healthy option for a quick lunch or dinner. Follow the above link to find the recipe….