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Adrenal fatigue is a condition that is often either misdiagnosed, or not taken seriously enough because people who suffer from it walk, talk and look totally normal.  In this crazy hectic world of instant gratification and the constant need to please, we often forget that our bodies can only take so much pressure and stress and will eventually start to fatigue.

We need to take care of our bodies and nurture them through these times of stress, especially if it is for an extended period, like exams, preparing for a big race, crossfit competition or a massive deadline.  

My oldest daughter is currently writing her A-level exams, and has been under immense pressure for a couple of months, and I worry about her young adrenals taking a pounding during this tough time.  I have started to wake her every morning with this adrenal cocktail so it is the first thing to hit her body after the nights fasting, and she has really developed a taste for it, now she will ask for one instead of tea or coffee.  

It really is delicious and tastes rather like a salty piña colada, but the good news is she can definitely feel a big difference in her energy levels throughout the day, helping her avoid the afternoon slump that she used to encounter.  

Benefits of the Adrenal Cocktail: 

  • Fresh squeezed OJ gives liver the glucose it needs to regenerate
  • Perfect balance of fat/carb/protein ratio for adrenal health and blood sugar balancing
  • Collagen hydrolysate is loaded with the amino acids and building blocks for health
  • Himalayan pink salt has 84 essential minerals that the adrenals need to function properly (very different from iodised table salt which can be harmful)

Click HERE for the full recipe

This cocktail has spread like wildfire through the health community and has since been posted on a number of Instagram accounts with variations to the recipe.  It is just so effective both as an adrenal maintenance during stress (as in my daughters case) or for someone who has been diagnosed and is trying to recover.  

The collagen that I use is made by Great Lakes and is essentially a highly nutritious dehydrated bone broth, great for detoxing the liver and repairing the gut lining, best of all, it is totally tasteless making it easy to add to smoothies and drinks without impacting the flavours. 

For more information on both the adrenal cocktail and the creator behind it, check out this website by Christa Orecchio The Whole Journey who is a health coach, working her magic on patients suffering with hormonal and adrenal fatigue.

If you do suffer or suspect you may suffer with this condition, then have a look a this fantastic website The Adrenal Fatigue Solution, along with the free info available on the site, Fawne has co-written a book with naturopath Dr Eric Wood called The Adrenal Fatigue Solution ( I am currently reading it), this ebook will help you truly understand and learn to manage life with adrenal fatigue, a great read and well worth buying and downloading.



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